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My Fave Red & Blue Finds For July

In the month of July, it is not unusual to see a lot of red and blue decor in stores which would make sense since it is the month that the USA celebrates its Independence from Britain. Now I usually just skip past these type of displays because I am not into the kitschy decor that is only used once a year. It did get me to thinking though about other ways to decorate with the color combo that is not centered around a theme. Which is quite a challenge considering most items offered focuses on holiday and patriotic decor. I did eventually find some items that fit what I was looking for. I wanted most of the items to be clean and modern because the color combination is so bold, and a more modern and contemporary aesthetic keeps the combo from being too overwhelming. To add some visual interest I added a couple of pieces that had some artistic and cultural touches that will help you finesse the whole look. 

Blue Abstract Painting (Similar Item)  SLAMP Devil Pendant (Purchase …

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